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Re: [IP] tissue damage from pump use


Yes, ocassionally, but on the whole it really seems to be more convenient and
allow me to live the kind of life style I need to.  Sometimes I get tired of
getting twisted up in the tubbing at night -- I think this is my restless
sleeping problem b/c/ I've never heard anyone else acknlowledge similar probs.

Yes, some slight weight gain -- from the improved control, but I also find it
much easier to work off with the pump than I ever did with injections.  The
weight will go away as soon as you get your food/exercise/insulin ratios working
well.  You can even work with your doctor to set these to move you towards your
target weight -- something I was never able to do before.  However, I must say, I
have only tried this to loose 5-15 pounds (like those post holiday munch lbs).
Don't know about other kinds of weight control at all.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I have
> a question that I hope somebody could answer for me.  I have been hearing a
> little about long time pump users have significant tissue changes from the
> pump.  There is scarring and the sites no longer absorb well.  I believe the
> correct term from some of this is "hypertrophy."  I have a MiniMed booklet
> that shows all the possible site areas, including the arms.  It still seems
> that this tissue damage is a real possiblity.  I was also wondering if anyone
> has ever considered going back to injections for one reason or another, or if
> they know someone who did and why?  Then my last question of the day, has
> anyone had trouble with slight weight gain after starting pump therapy?
> Thanks everyone :-)
> Cindy