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Re: [IP] 6th day and still unable to pump...

Thanks Randall,
I can tell now that things are going to be much better.  I've put off
getting a pump for almost 15 years because I was afraid of it.  I had a
friend die while using it (there use to be no alarms on pumps many years
ago and his battery stopped.  He did not know it and before he could get
to the hospital, he died.  I had another friend who got very sick while
on the pump - due to no alarms.  I can see that things have improved.
On Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:03:07 +0000 "Randall Winchester"
<email @ redacted> writes:
>On  1 Dec 97 at 2:10, email @ redacted wrote:
>> I think in computer lingo - Having it around with you to have at 
>> whim would be considered the "killer app".
>> Would anyone else out there list another reason as the ultimate
>> reason other than this as the "killer app." ?
>> email @ redacted wrote:
>> > 
>> > Sally,
>> > In 2 days I will have been on the pump for one month. I'm not near 
>> > yet. Fussing with basal rates at the moment.
>> > I just love the convienience of the pump. Just "Love it". Never 
>have to worry
>> > about taking insulin and syringes with me in case I have an 
>unexpected meal
>> > away from home, is one of the best reasons.
>> > 
>> > Hang in there and be patient.
>> > 
>> > Sissy
>Getting to sleep late - I slept till 9:30 last Saturday morning and 
>got up with a bg of 93.  On MDI I had to get up no later than 6:30 
>and check bg, take a shot, eat breakfast...  or have a bg of over 300 
>because the long lasting insulin from the night before had run out.  
>My vote goes for getting to sleep late.
>Randall Winchester
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