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Re: [IP] Threshold of Insulin, and Carb. counting

> > > I'm, however, 18 years old. So I guess hormons got to do with it; As 
> > > I understand, the IU/day I do is quite high (although not unnormal) - 
> > > about 1IU/kg. (which says around 70-80 IU/day).
> > Yep, your probably right.  At your age, growth hormone varies a lot 
> > with the amount of rest, when you rise, etc...  My daughter has the 
> > same problem and has to adjust constantly.
> So using carbo. counting is useless ?

No, carbo counting still works.  The variations that Lily sees are 
more related to getting the body's machinery to change gears than to 
carbo's.  She has been able to characterize a necessary 'morning 
bolus' that she can reliably do if she gets up later than a certain 
time in the morning.  It is not basal rate variation since it is 
constant from 4 am until 11 am.  If she rises after about 7am, the 
bolus is needed otherwise it is not.  We're talking 2 units.

Her food bolus is still calculated based on a fixed ratio of 11.  It 
is reliable and tracks her carbo intake whether it is 25 grams (toast 
and milk) or 75 grams (french toast, syrup, milk, fruit).  The 
phenomenem changes slowly with time and comes and goes with schedule 
changes.  She does not need to do this in the summer when she gets 
more sleep.  It is more pronounced in the winter (school year) when 
she sleeps beyond her normal wake up time.

You might try a fixed bolus upon rising followed by normal carb bolus 
when you eat.  If you respond like Lily, you will find that the two 
events are not connected.

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