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Re: [IP] re: no delivery

 Bad News - tough to use this as an infusion site ;-(

>Bob Burnett

    I'm only 50 and have been diabetic for 39 of thos years now and it is
getting difficult just to attach my suspenders in the back! I could not get
in any position to finish the job of a set in the butt! Too much arthuritis!
My doctor just this afternoon prescribed some antiinflamatory drugs and
therapy.  I really don't think I could manage one on the outside of my leg
at this point. I could insert it but getting the dressing would be rougher
than a peanut pattie with goobers on both sides! It seems that the little
round hole in the dressing gets smaller every time I make a change.
Sometime I have to get Rosie, my better half, to give me directions like one
of those fellows on the tarmack at the airport guiding 747 into the parking
space. <BIG GRIN>

Buddy '-)