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[IP] tissue damage from pump use

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all who gave their opinions about the different pumps.  I had
asked a question last week and so far nobody has given me any insight to it.
 I was wondering about tissue damage from long term pump use.  I know about
the rotation of sites and I know of all the site possiblities.  Even with
this, does a pumper run a higher risk of tissue damage than a diabetic on
injections.  This is a question that I am going to ask my endo at my next
appointment.  When I started on pump therapy in May of 1997 I had a endo that
was "the pitts."  I "fired" his butt shortly after starting the pump and I
now have a wonderful endo.  That doctor I first had didn't lay everything out
on the table giving me the pros and cons of pumping compared to injections.
 If anyone has heard about tissue damage or has had problems with it, please
let me know.  Also, if you have damage is it reversible?

Cindy <><