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Re: [IP] Where to put the pump! I have a great idea!

On  1 Dec 97 at 21:21, Erik  Wold wrote:

> Listen to this! I think I have a great idea where to place the pump.
> I'm using the Disetronic pump. One of the advantages is that I dont need to
> look at the pump while I'm "boulusing". I just count the beeps.
> THE POINT: I am using a sock (one you have on your feet) and I have cut it
> off at the end. Inside this sock I put my pump and I use a clips (in Norway
> we call it a safty clips). This sock, with the pump inside, I place under
> my underpanter with the clips mounted on the "side" of the underpanter. 
> In this way I dont have to worry if I'm going to change trouses or going to
> the toilet. Its remarkable how steady the pump is laying in my underpanter
> just close to the body. Also I can wear shorts without problem, and best of
> all, nobody can see the pump. Also the beeping is not so load any longer
> and it doesent disturb people.
> As you now, details like this is where important for diabetics. So please
> consider it and try it. I can recommand it, this was the detail that rised
> my living standard. 
> I hope you understood my point. It is difficult for me to explain in
> english words. 
> Comments?
> Regards 
> Erik

This sounds like one of those cloth pump pockets that Unique, Inc. 
sells for holding a pump.  I think theirs attaches with safety pins 
too.  I've never had a problem just wearing it on my belt, along with 
my beeper, radio and other junk.

Randall Winchester

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