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No Subject


Joan Stout wrote:
> Hi, Erik.
> Thanks for sharing your idea!
> I usually just put my Disetronic pump in my pocket. (I also like
> the beeps so that I don't have to look at my pump or pull it out
> for bolusing.) If I'm wearing something that doesn't have a pocket,
> or if the pocket is an inconvenient design, I put the pump in a
> baby sock and pin it under my clothes. Sometimes I pin it to the
> underside of a pocket, sometimes to the bottom of a shirt, sometimes
> elsewhere. Most of my clothes do have pockets, but this alternative
> works well for me. Oh - sometimes I pin the sock to the outside of
> my clothes. This works fine for something like leggings and a tunic
> top. I don't use cases at all.
> joan
> email @ redacted