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Re: [IP] Threshold of Insulin, and Carb. counting

> > Any ideas ?
> Yes, sounds like your basals are not correct.  The relationship between
> bg/insulin
> insulin/carbo
> carbo/bg
> are all linearly related and predictable.  They change only slightly with 
> exercise, rest, etc.  The only real big variable is if you have hormonol 
> variations (ladies, adolsecents) or are taking drugs for something or other.

> You should profile your basals carefully in a repeatable environment.  
> Remember that a change in basal rate with regular takes about 2 hours to 
> show up as an effect in your basal bg's.

Actully, I think my basel rates are correct. The problem doesn't 
occur when NOT eating, in that case, the BG levels remain normal.
(I even fasted a whole day, during Yom Kippur two months ago)

I'm, however, 18 years old. So I guess hormons got to do with it; As 
I understand, the IU/day I do is quite high (although not unnormal) - 
about 1IU/kg. (which says around 70-80 IU/day).

Happy by default, Alon Levi.