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[IP] Where to put the pump! I have a great idea!

Listen to this! I think I have a great idea where to place the pump.

I'm using the Disetronic pump. One of the advantages is that I dont need to
look at the pump while I'm "boulusing". I just count the beeps.

THE POINT: I am using a sock (one you have on your feet) and I have cut it
off at the end. Inside this sock I put my pump and I use a clips (in Norway
we call it a safty clips). This sock, with the pump inside, I place under
my underpanter with the clips mounted on the "side" of the underpanter. 
In this way I dont have to worry if I'm going to change trouses or going to
the toilet. Its remarkable how steady the pump is laying in my underpanter
just close to the body. Also I can wear shorts without problem, and best of
all, nobody can see the pump. Also the beeping is not so load any longer
and it doesent disturb people.

As you now, details like this is where important for diabetics. So please
consider it and try it. I can recommand it, this was the detail that rised
my living standard. 

I hope you understood my point. It is difficult for me to explain in
english words.