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Re: [IP] re: no delivery

I have only experienced two "No delivery" alarms in over 18 months of
pumping. Both of these happened with a MiniMed 506, using PureLine Comfort
sets. These sets are the same as the Disetronic Tenders and the "new"
MiniMed Silhouettes. I am fairly slender (I'm tall for my weight ;-)), and
gave up on the SofSets immediately after starting on the pump. The Comforts
(Tenders / Silhouettes) worked a lot better for me, but I still needed to
be careful to insert them at a fairly shallow angle, to avoid the
underlying muscle layers.

In the case of my "No Delivery" alarms, both times I had inserted the set
in the top of my "butt". I guess this was one of those "Good News, Bad
News" deals. Good News - there's not as much extra tissue back there as I
thought ;-) Bad News - tough to use this as an infusion site ;-(

Bob Burnett

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