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[IP] 10 year olds on the pump!

Welcome Cindy!

Brian will love the pump!  You must have a great endo to let your son go
on the pump so quickly after being diagnosed.  Some of us have had to
take a very active role in the issue of getting our children on the pump.
 Ravi was 10 in August and has been on the MiniMed 507 since Oct. 23 of
this year.  He absolutely loves it.  Ravi loves to sleep in and eat only
when he is hungry, not because insulin says he has to eat!  He loves to
play until he decides to come in, not come in because he has to stick to
a strict schedule.

You will love the life you get back.  Not constantly thinking about
feeding your child all the time or planning your life around when you
will have dinner if something special comes up.

We love the pump and the fact that we have our family life back to the
way we want to live!  Ravi even has the lead role in the Christmas play
at church this year.  The directors were concerned if this would "bother"
the diabetes because of stress.  I told them Ravi would be great and not
to worry.  I really can say that with confidence now.  On injections I'm
not sure I could have said that.

Rose(aka Ravi's mom)