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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic

> F. MM507 is insured for 4 years - and could (at least that's what
> they say in MiniMed) last for a very long time, while H100 MUST be
> replaced after two years.
> (this is also a disadvantage since you'll probably want to keep up to
> technology while it advance, and it's easier to do with H100)

Not exactly. You get two pumps from Disetronic, each with a 2-year
warranty, so you have 4 years of warranty. Each pump goes back to
Disetronic at the end of 2 years. Disetronic does a service check
on it. If there are no problems, they re-set the pump for 2 more
years and send it back to you. If there are problems, they fix the
problem or send you a new pump. 

The head of tech support at Disetronic told me that Swiss law requires 
the 2-year checkup. (Disetronic is a Swiss company, and the pumps are 
made in Switzerland.) Rather than re-figuring the pumps that are sold 
in the States, they decided to keep the 2-year inspection plan. Then 
they decided to provide 2 pumps so the warranty would be competitive 
with MiniMed.

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