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Re: [IP] re: no delivery/silhouettes

In a message dated 97-12-01 10:06:01 EST, you write:

> i have work with a few persons that have experienced no delivery alarms
>  during bolusing.  the cause turned out to be the infusion set was not the
>  correct one for their body type.  very thin persons sometimes have trouble
>  with sof sets leaning against the muscle and causing pressure to build up
>  during delivery much like a partial clogg would do.  when we switched them

> to
>  the siloutte this problem was resolved.
>  carolyn

Thanks, I suspect this is the case with me.  I am planning to try the
silhouettes soon.  I actually have a sample one but have also just switched
to Humalog and didn't want to change two variables at one time.  I'm
stabilizing on the Humalog and will try the silhouette this week.  I'm hoping
this will make more sites available to me,  I currently have only four
locations that work and I'm worried about wearing them out.

Mary Jean