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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic

On 30 Nov 97 at 17:57, email @ redacted wrote:

> I was just wondering.....I am using the MiniMed 507.  My endo didn't offer me
> a choice when I first started the pump.  I didn't know there was another pump
> manufacturer out there.  Now I was wondering from those of you on the
> Disetronic what do you like about your pump.  I am wondering if I got the
> better of the two.  Thanks for any info.
> Cindy

I had a choice and chose the MiniMed primarily because it  has some 
nice features like the square wave bolus.  I'm also a little 
suspicious of anyone who gives me a "hot spare" because that kind of 
implies that they think one will fail.  When I talked to the reps on 
the phone the MiniMed people sent me a package of information and a 
video, and the Disetronic people promised to send some stuff "real 
soon" - MiniMed's package arrived in two days and I'm still waiting 
for the stuff from Disetronic - that was in August when I requested 
it.  The Disetronic I saw also used a glass syringe.  I understand 
that the temporary bolus rate is different - the Disetronic allows 
your to lower your rate by a percentage while the 507 allows you to 
set a new rate, either higher or lower, and you specify the amount.  
The 507 also uses standard batteries available anywhere while the 
Disetronic requires special batteries.  I talked to someone who uses 
the Disetronic a couple of weeks ago and her pump had just shut down 
for the two year overhaul - it seems that there is a timer in the 
pump and it shuts down after two years and you have to send it back 
to Europe for refurbishing.  Now she is on her "standby" pump and 
hoping to get the other one back sometime.  She said she was glad she 
wasn't on vacation somewhere when it shut down. 

Primary rules of selection - either a feature of one of the pumps 
that you need or really like, which one your medical group is 
familiar with, and which one has good reps in your area.  

Pump choice is basically a "religious issue" - there are valid 
reasons for choosing one over the other, but the zealots on the 
"other side" don't listen to reason.  People will argue endlessly for 
their favorite, and it doesn't accomplish a lot except to make 
everyone tired.  The two pumps are about the same size, weight and 
generally perform the same function.  Neat functions and mileage 

Randall Winchester

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