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Re: [IP] 6th day and still unable to pump...

On  1 Dec 97 at 2:10, email @ redacted wrote:

> I think in computer lingo - Having it around with you to have at your
> whim would be considered the "killer app".
> Would anyone else out there list another reason as the ultimate
> reason other than this as the "killer app." ?
> email @ redacted wrote:
> > 
> > Sally,
> > In 2 days I will have been on the pump for one month. I'm not near regulated
> > yet. Fussing with basal rates at the moment.
> > I just love the convienience of the pump. Just "Love it". Never have to worry
> > about taking insulin and syringes with me in case I have an unexpected meal
> > away from home, is one of the best reasons.
> > 
> > Hang in there and be patient.
> > 
> > Sissy

Getting to sleep late - I slept till 9:30 last Saturday morning and 
got up with a bg of 93.  On MDI I had to get up no later than 6:30 
and check bg, take a shot, eat breakfast...  or have a bg of over 300 
because the long lasting insulin from the night before had run out.  
My vote goes for getting to sleep late.

Randall Winchester

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