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Re: [IP] Re: Complications


Re:  improving or reducing of complications:  My Ha1cs have improved vastly,
and my kidneys are holding stable (whether this is due to the test drug,
capoten or the pump, I don't really know).  As far I as know, I don't have or
didn't have, any other of the fun things we can look forward to (I have had
diabetes almost 25 years).  What has not improved is my eyes.  I went on the
pump in Feb 93 and had immediate results in my A1cs, but my eye continued to
bleed.  My doctors advised me not to go for 80-100 - rather 100-150, since
really tight control tended to make the problem worse.  They also said that
usually eye problems got worse, then started to improve after some
time......I'M STILL WAITING.  

As my dad probably told you, I had another round of laser last week when I
was in Dallas (since I trust these NY doctors <g>.)  I had a bleed 5 days
later!  I can just be sleeping (with my head elevated as ALWAYS) and wake up
and have a nice black lace effect across my eye.  THIS IS THE FRUSTRATING
PART!!!!!!!!  I've been "good" (isn't that not politically correct?  good vs.
bad).  They don't have bluebell here in NY and Ben and Jerry's is a RARE,
expensive treat!

stay warm,