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[IP] no delivery alarms on MM pumps

Carol Wasson:

- -> Subject: [IP] HELP, No delivery alarm

- -> When I was bolusing for lunch it seemed like it was clicking off ok,
- -> all of a sudden I hear a wild beeping my pump says no delivery, whats
- -> going on, checking back through my boulus records it says 3.7 for my
- -> lunchtime, does that mean I got this much. Has any one else had this
- -> alarm, I called minimed

- -> as you can tell this episode really freaked me out I/m going to be
- -> testing my bg every hour.


The 3.7 is not a reliable number, but you can assume it's
approximate.  The thing to do in such a case is subtract the 3.7 from
the total bolus you intended to take, and then inject (thru a
syringe) the remainder.  That way you may get a bit less insulin than
you need, but you'll be covered; by testing an hour later (humalog)
or 2 hrs later (Regular) you can see where you are.

No delivery alarms are hard to track down as to cause.  Sometimes
it's a crimp in the catheter (if you're using a Sof-set, for
example); sometimes it's a large air bubble that has worked its way
into the nose of the syringe and blocks the insulin flow into the
tubing.  There are other possibilities too - including a defective

When I first went on the 507, I had what turned out to be a
malfunctioning pump which gave me No Delivery alarms and drove me
crazy.  I finally called MiniMed; they sent a new one; the old one
was returned and, after a few weeks, they reported that the alarm on
it had not been set correctly (by them).

Sometimes, before going to the trouble of changing sets, you can
simply try re-bolusing the remainder of the original bolus, and it
will go through without an alarm.  I would always try that first.

Check your line for crimps also. Check the syringe for large bubbles.
If you see nothing, then change your set and inject the rest of the

Above all, don't freak out, and don't panic.  You are in control.

- -lee-

<email @ redacted>
Type I 25+ yrs - MM 507 pump - Humalog