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Re: [IP] are we speaking ?

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi Gena... I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and everything is
> OK especially between you and me.
>                                      Ted...(hic)
Hey Ted,
	Thanks for inquiring.  Thanksgiving was OK.  This is a very stressful
time of year for me, my mother passed away last year, Dec.21.
It is really hard to face the month of Dec.  Things are fine between you
and me.  I sometimes open my big mouth before I think.  Alcohols effect
on the body has always concerned me.  My grandfather drank too much and
I saw what it did to him and his children.  When someone talks about
drinking, those images of him come back.  He was diabetic also and befor
he died he was almost completely blind and had both legs amputated.  I
know this has nothing to do with us because we are trying the best we
can to control BGs and lead a normal healthy life.  He didn't care, his
attitude was to live life to the fullest no matter the cost.  I am
really sorry I e-mailed the previous message because I know you are well
controled and probably have lower A1Cs than I do, my last was 6.9.  Take
care and have a happy holidays.