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Re: [IP] Re: BG creeping up

Happy Monday, All!
  Hay all you night owls, I can't understand what I'm doing right? A lot of
you are talking about these crimped tubes, occlusions, and non delivery
alarms? Dropping their pump on the concrete floor? I have been on the pump
for 11 months and the only alarm I have received thus far was no delivery
because I had ran out of insulin. What's going on. I remember reading
someone writing they had dropped their pump in the toilet three times and
had not pulled it out! I'm assuming they meant the set ??? <big grin> This
pump is a "big ticket item" and I had to pay more for it than I did my first
"new" vehicle. I understand that we lose brain cells and can't remember
things like we should but come on here. Am I just behind times or what?
Think about it as  a $4500.00 dollar life saving device and protect it like
your first born child.
    I don't want to offend anyone, this is not intended for that, you
understand. Just held back too long already and had to say something. My
pump helps me to feel really fine and I intend to protect it to the death.
<BIG GRIN> Feeling good. . . . . .

Buddy '-)
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Date: Sunday, November 30, 1997 11:15 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: BG creeping up

>No Buddy, I delayed Thanksgiving until today!!!!  Got a crimp in my set and
>soared to 400 after eating, even with the bolus, and 2 subsequent.  Much
>better now that I changed set, LOL.