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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic

> I was just wondering.....I am using the MiniMed 507.  My endo didn't offer me
> a choice when I first started the pump.  I didn't know there was another pump
> manufacturer out there.  Now I was wondering from those of you on the
> Disetronic what do you like about your pump.  I am wondering if I got the
> better of the two.  Thanks for any info.

I myself use MM507 as well. I'm using it because I know the 
sellwoman, That's actully the biggest advantages over Disetronic 
H-100. I did check it up before buying the MM507.
It seems that the H100 differ from the MM507 in some things :
A. The MM507 does a click for each 0.1 IU (this can be takes as both 
adv. or disadv.)
B. Up until recently H100 insertion technic was considered by many 
better. (now there's a new solution from MiniMed based on Disetronic 
C. H100 has 24 profiles insted of 12 by MM507 (I don't think anyone 
has more then 7-8 profiles anyway)
D. MM507 is smaller, and IMHO looks better and "less like a pump and 
more like a beeper".
E. A big advantage (for me, at least) for MM507 is that is comes with 
a clip behind it, which allows be to walk with underware along, or 
exrcise with the pump firmly attached to my underware (which don't 
come as easy as a swat pants ;-)
F. MM507 is insured for 4 years - and could (at least that's what 
they say in MiniMed) last for a very long time, while H100 MUST be 
replaced after two years.
(this is also a disadvantage since you'll probably want to keep up to 
technology while it advance, and it's easier to do with H100)
G. MM507 costs more.

Overlooking the whole thing, they are quite simller. And both are 
well built, and worth paid for.
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