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[IP] Test strips doctor, insurance issues

 I agree that you need a new doctor and you didnbt say what state you live in.
You could contact your Medtronic rep. Mine has helped me but did have full
cooperation from my endocrinologist.

What would you do?
This past January I switched to a MiniMed 670G. Prior to switching to this pump
I had an Rx for OneTouch Verio strips (7/day) covered by my AETNA medicare
insurance. Since January I also switched pharmacies and my test strip Rx is now
for 2.5 strips per day, which does not work with this pump. For example, this
morning I had a bg of 44 and my pump needed to be calibrated 3 times in a time
 span of approximately 45 minutes until my bg was up to 76. As a result, in
to stay within the allotted 2.5 strips I have been inputting bg values based on
what my sensor is reading and not based on a finger test. For this reason I
would like to get my OneTouch Verio strips back to (7/day). My insurance will
cover this but my doctor tells me he does not have time to deal with the
insurance company because it is what he calls bInsurance Harassmentb.
What would you do?

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