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Re: [IP] unhappy with CIQ

 I spent several months deciding if I should go from BIQ to CIQ, and the
main factor was that I read people who
had 7 or above A1c (where I was) could benefit. I was not one of those in
the 6's or 5's who commented that CIQ didn't help and they wanted to go
back to BIQ.

I put on control-iq a few weeks ago, my TDD dropped from an average of 66
to an average of 44. My
BG average has dropped to 126 (A1c of 6).
I have *Sleep **mode on* most of the time.

For me, CIQ seems to be working great!
I would like to be able to set my Target, Insulin Duration, and make the
extended bolus go beyond 2 hours,
but I can't complain about results!

On Mon, Aug 24, 2020 at 7:58 PM Vern Carmon <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> I really don't understand some saying they don't like the ability to set
> their BG aim to 80 to get their A1c to always be 5.5.  You must realize
> that
> an A1c is a BG average of 122 not 80.  This also means that  there are a
> lot
> of lows and highs to get the constant 5.5 over years.  I also suspect the
> time in range is low.  This the basic weakness of following an A1c value.
> Now if you have a good percentage of time in range plus the A1c of 5.5 then
> great! I run between 85% and 90% of the time in range and A1cs range
> between
> 5.5 and 5.9.
> Yes, I agree the CIQ isn't the best but its better the we had before.  I
> don't like the constants they put in(such as the insulin duration of 5
> hours, but for me I never used IOB), I don't think the temporary basal rate
> they calculate is correct for me, both for highs and lows.
> I really feel that more work by Tandem is need to improve CIQ but I also
> think that it great for those that don't wanted to fiddle with a pump or
> don't have the ability.  CIQ makes things easier but at this time needs to
> be optimized.
> .
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