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[IPn] Large study on risks associated with diabetes and Covid

The results of a large scale study on the effects of T1 & T2 diabetes
with respect to in-hospital mortality in England was just published 
in the Lancet. Yes, we have increased risk, be careful.

This is from the synopsis:
On a relative scale, our findings show that type 1 and type 2 
diabetes were both associated with increased odds of in-hospital 
death with COVID-19 (OR 3.51 for type 1 diabetes and 2.03 for type 2 
diabetes, compared with people without known diabetes). Importantly, 
however, on an absolute scale, the unadjusted rates of in-hospital 
death with COVID-19 over the same 72-day period for type 1 diabetes 
(138 per 100,000 people) were about half that for type 2 diabetes 
(260 per 100,000 people), largely reflecting the different age 
structure of the two populations. Even with the additional risk 
conferred by diabetes, people younger than 40 years with either type 
of diabetes were at very low absolute risk of in-hospital death with 
COVID-19 during the observation period of this study in England.

The full paper - long and detailed is here:


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