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[IP] unhappy with CIQ

I really don't understand some saying they don't like the ability to set
their BG aim to 80 to get their A1c to always be 5.5.  You must realize that
an A1c is a BG average of 122 not 80.  This also means that  there are a lot
of lows and highs to get the constant 5.5 over years.  I also suspect the
time in range is low.  This the basic weakness of following an A1c value.


Now if you have a good percentage of time in range plus the A1c of 5.5 then
great! I run between 85% and 90% of the time in range and A1cs range between
5.5 and 5.9.  


Yes, I agree the CIQ isn't the best but its better the we had before.  I
don't like the constants they put in(such as the insulin duration of 5
hours, but for me I never used IOB), I don't think the temporary basal rate
they calculate is correct for me, both for highs and lows.


I really feel that more work by Tandem is need to improve CIQ but I also
think that it great for those that don't wanted to fiddle with a pump or
don't have the ability.  CIQ makes things easier but at this time needs to
be optimized.
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