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RE: [IP] Re: unhappy with CIQ

 Thank you and well said. Control IQ helped me get from a 7.5 to 7. I've been
very happy with it, but I've also been impressed with how it has helped so many
others in the Facebook groups get from a 9+ to a 7.5 or lower. I know a lot of
folks here are really zealous and intense about managing their T1D but that's
just not me.
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 You've got to remember that for now in order to get a closed loop system
through the FDA they have needed to set a target above 100 (120 for Medtronic,
112.5 for Tandem). As they keep seeing successful systems the FDA is loosening
those reigns a bit but I won't be switching from my DIY system anytime soon as I
prefer to set my targets around 80-90. If you're an "average" diabetic fighting
to get your A1C to around 7 then these systems are godsends because they'll get
you there with very little work from you. If you're one of us on the forums and
listservers who frequently tinkers with their own rates and technology then the
commercial systems just can't keep up with where we are yet. ControlIQ is a
wonderful advancement for the masses, but improving the rates of 75% of
diabetics means that 25% of us can still do better without it.
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