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Re: [IP] Re: unhappy with CIQ

 I'm with you. I've maintained A1C's in the mid-5's for many years. I loved
Basal !Q cuz it did get rid of the lows. Like you a 5 hour insulation duration
time doesn't match my body and I also make use of temp basals often. I have
always been slow to digest een before T1D) and using a temp basal and the
extended basal - and never ever pre-bolusing together with the BIQ for me is
aweome. I like tight mgt and it isn't worth it to me to have a bit less work and
in exchange give up my tight close to non-D labs. As even Dexcom/Tandem say. if
you are a tight mgt person, CIQ is most likely not for you.
 > On 08/23/2020 12:25 PM Valerie Adams
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> I may be in the minority, but I dislike CIQ. I9m in a few FB groups that
> discuss it, and it seems that if you9re someone who's used to being in
> very tight control (my A1C has been under 5.6 for the past 20+ years),
> then it9s not an improvement. I9m finding that the pump wants to let me
> run too high for my taste.
> I loved Basal IQ; it completely eliminated any lows I was having, and
> operated in the background with very little attention required. I made the
> switch to CIQ in January, thinking it could only improve things, but for
> me, it9s made it much worse.
> Not only did I have to retest and change all my basals, but now I9m using
> more insulin to keep my numbers where I want them, and even then, I9m
> having to fight to keep my numbers under 120. I9m using sleep mode9 24/7
> in an effort to get tighter ranges. I9ve gained nearly 10 pounds since I
> started using it in January, with no changes to my food/activity level.
> The only thing that9s changed is my TDD has gone up about 30% with CIQ.
> Do lots of research before switching, as once you9ve done it, there is no
> way to go back. Yes, you can turn off CIQ but then you also lose the Basal
> IQ feature.
> I don9t like that CIQ eliminates the temp basal feature, which I liked and
> used. It also fixes IOB at 5 hours, and you can9t change that.
> For those who are comfortable with their A1C in the 7-ish range, I9m told
> people are very happy with handing over most of the work to CIQ.
> Best,
> Valerie
> >
> >To those using Control IQ - does it make your life easier or more
> >complicated?
> >I watched the tutorial but still am apprehensive. Ibm 78, have had type
> >1 for
> >57 years plus other health issues. My endo said I should get it, but my
> >prime
> >concern at this point is to simplify. Ibd love to hear from the folks
> >who are
> >actually using it. Many thanks. Phyllis from MA
> .
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