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Re: [IP] what does bad Thyroid results mean?

Yes, I can confirm that this looks like hyperthyroidism, which I had a mild
case of in my teens. My mother has hypothyroidism and since I was going to
an endocrinologist anyway, she asked that they add the test onto my normal
yearly bloodwork.  I wasn't sleeping as much and had dropped 10 pounds in a
couple of months. Basically, your metabolism is in overdrive.  Unchecked,
it can lead to hear problems. I took a pill once a day. They did overtreat
it a bit at first, which caused me to gain 20+ pounds, which I was not
thrilled about. If they put you on medication, you can expect to have them
test your levels periodically to make sure that they are getting dosage
correct. In severe cases, they will sometimes give you radioactive iodine
to kill off your thyroid and you will be treated for hypothyroidism by
taking a daily pill called synthyroid. That's fairly rare, and more likely
to occur in women since the hyperthyroid medications are not safe during
pregnancy, whereas synthyroid is.  They talked about that with me, but my
hyperthyroidism was fairly mild, and went away after a couple of years.

On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 1:43 AM Vern Carmon <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Usually these levels mean hyperthyroidism, typically this indicates a
> disease of the thyroid.  Some hyperthyroidism can be treated with drugs
> .
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