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Re: [IP] Medicare and DEXCOM G5 update.

 I donbt think that anyone actually knows how Medicare will be monitoring
smartphone usage for beneficiaries. However, if you use the G5 app on your
smartphone, your data automatically gets synced with Dexcom Clarity. At the
bottom of most Clarity screens it shows the device and the serial number that
provided the data. So Dexcom can absolutely track your smartphone usage.

 I have also heard from a couple of sources that Dexcom will be making
adjustments to Medicare transmitters so that they will not hook up with
smartphones. I do not know if that is true.

 I think that those who use xDrip (primarily on Android phones) will be able to
continue doing that without getting caught. At the same time you will be doing
that in violation of Medicare regulations. I have not seen the form that people
have to sign before getting their Dexcom bundle, but my understanding is that
you pinky-swear that youbd wonbt use a smart device and if you do, you wonbt
get reimbursement and may be subject to criminal penalties. All I know is if I
use xDrip, I wonbt talk about it on social media.

 Right now I am still on the sidelines because I have leftover supplies from
private insurance. Dexcom is lobbying with Medicare to get the smartphone ban
lifted and hopefully webll see positive results. For me it is worth a couple of
thousand dollars a year to go back to the receiver and I donbt use the Share
feature at this stage in my life.
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