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Re: [IP] Re: 5 unit threshold

Back when I had a Ping, I would refill the cartridge until the markings wore 
off.  It didn't matter how much insulin was in it, I just topped it off at 
my convenience.  Now that I'm on a Tslim, you can't see the insulin, but I 
do the same thing.  I tell the pump that I'm changing cartridges and refill 
when the pump tells me to.  The only difference is that the Tslim requires 
that I "fill the Tubing" that is already full.  That uses 10 units.

Jeff Gamble
Big Bay Lighthouse B & B
P O Box 3
Big Bay MI 49808
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I find this 'after the zero/empty alarm thread interesting

I'm certain my Animas Ping STOPS when IT thinks we are at zero: I know 
insulin left, duh, you can see it in the cartridge, but there is NO basal
delivery and you CANNIT bolus when you are 'empty', as far as I know?!

You can, in an ' emergency ', use that insulin, with a syringe for accuracy 
without as a WAG (wild a$$ed guess) !

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