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[IP] Medicare B and insulin

Pam Brown, I appreciate your knowledge and follow-through. Thank you! 

 I'm especially interested in the research you just did regarding this Medicare
issue with insulin.

 I have traditional M'care and pay $0 for insulin (after my Part B deductible.).
I had a terrible time finding a pharmacy willing to bill Part B. None of the
local pharmacies (all of whom are chain pharmacies) would bill Part B and all
claimed their contracts would not let them. Finally, Wegmans (pharmacy within
the grocery store) said that they'd bill Part B so I got a three month supply
through them.

 I thought my journey was over. However, when it was time for a refill, they
said they would no longer bill Part B because it was too expensive for them
since they were charged more for the insulin than they received as payment from
Medicare. I get that, why should they lose money to provide a medication for a
client? However, I still had to find a supplier. After many, many phone calls,
emails, (and angry tears), I found a Walgreens 45 minutes away. Of course that
means, twice that amount of time for the pharmacy visit and the round trip.

 Incidentally, during this entire journey, calling Medicare was a total waste of
time. They knew nothing about insulin and Part B. It was very frustrating but I
would much prefer to obtain my insulin locally.

 I would like to take this further with Medicare and wonder how you take the
next step since I'm not appealing anything and am getting my insulin under Part
B but would like to get it closer to home.

 What words of advice would you have, Pam Brown? No rush since you've already
done so much for us recently, but when you have the time, you might be helping
me and others who have the same struggle.

Thank you.

Annie Wall
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