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[IP] Guidelines for changing infusion sets and reservoirs: 3 days?

When I began pumping many years ago, I remember the diabetes educator
telling me the number "3 days" for a change of the canula.

This was to prevent a possibility of infection and/or reduction of the
absorption of the insulin.
But I was also told that the reservoir and tubing were safe to use for up to
6 days.

This was ideal for me since I use about 40-50 units per day.  The 3 ml
reservoir(300 units) is an ideal match.
After the third day, change the canula (infusion site) and after 6 days
change everything. And I throw away very little insulin.

But recently Medtronic has stopped packaging the box of tubing with 5
canulas and 5 tubings/canulas.

I have just talked to Medtronic tech support and I  was told that Medtronic
recommends changing the canula and the tubing and the reservoir after 3
days.  The reason given was the lubrication in the reservoir may not work
properly after 3 days and cause incorrect insulin delivery. She did not say
why the tubing was "unsafe" after 3 days.

Well I have been on the Paradigm pump for more than 10 years.  I have
consistently used my tubing and reservoir for 6 to 7 days and never had a
problem or even a suspected problem with the reservoir or tubing.  I have
had a few times when I pushed the canula to a 4th day, and that can lead to

So I am now tossing into the bin 5 perfectly good tubings per month because
of this change.

Is this really based on medical data or experience?  Or is this so Medtronic
can sell more infusion sets and reservoirs?

Any thoughts or suggestions will be very much appreciated.

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