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[IP] Fwd: Big Medtronic problem. HELP PLEASE!

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> From: Kathie Kienle <email @ redacted>
> Date: August 26, 2014 at 2:02:26 PM EDT
> To: Kathleen Kienle <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Big Medtronic problem. HELP PLEASE!
> On July 24 I ordered a new 723 pump from Medtronic through Medicare and my
second insurer UHC. I was told that all insurance was in order and there
should be no cost to me.  I understood that the pump is rented for about a
year and then the second insurer picks up the 20 percent,.On July 30 I
received a 523 with no explanation. I called and was told that they had NO 723
pumps and would not have one for 30 days and I could use the 523. Totally
useless. Why not tell me this when I ordered it. How could I possibly do this
without the smaller reservoir? Did they think I would not notice. They offered
me a free case and I accepted.  A few days later they called me and told me
they were out of the case. They offered new reservoir but I declined because
the old pump still worked and I would have to learn how to program the 523 and
have to change the reservoir more often and have to do this all over again
when the new one comes.
> I called about two weeks later retold the story and added that the charges
had already gone through Medicare and UHC and It looks like I will be paying a
44.00 monthly fee for probably a year or so and I still do not have the pump I
ordered.  They still did not have the pump. He told me that he could cancel
the whole order with Medicare and UHC and start all over again. I felt that
this would cause an enormous problem in the long run. The guy told me not to
take the problem so personal, they are just out of the one I ordered. He did
send me a few smaller reservoirs. 30 days later still no charcoal pump.  I
told my story again and asked  if I changed the color, would one be available.
He told me they had a clear one, which I could not care about the color, and
they would send that one to me.
> I received it today.  The box was totally sealed in clear wrap.  On the box
there is a sticker "recertified".  One person I spoke to at Medtronic said
that sometimes even a new pump goes back for upgrades.  It does not mean that
the pump had been used before.
> Is this really a new pump?
> I don't believe a word word they say.
> Kathie
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