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[IP] My 2 cents about obtaining insulin etc.

 Even 'normal' friends cannot always understand the panic I can get into when
my insulin supplies are cut off for whatever reason and unfortunately this has
happened all too often over the past 50 year despite knowing my life depends
on it.  Some reasons for me.

1.  Doc/CDE called script into the wrong pharmacy?

2.  The new pharmacy employee couldn't find it.  Duh, did they look in the

3.  The  major diabetes supplier FedExed it to the wrong address -

4.  The FedEx (etc.) put it someplace I couldn't find it.  (In the summer sun
in Arkansas!)

5. 911 - an anomaly to be sure, but it happened. I'd ordered from another
major diabetes supplier.   I now buy my insulin locally, 3 months supply and
reorder early as possible as if my life  depended on it.  Oh yeah.

6. Snafu's with insurance companies. ( Reordering too soon, even though I had
none left, and because

a) my dosage had increased due to illness,

b) I ate the entire chocolate cake and used more than usual (joke - but not
always -

c) I ate a lot before Celiac was discovered  [my BG was all over the place],

d) my insulin was 'bad' (due to getting too hot - and incidentally for me the
insulin was NOT defective just greatly diminished) or cold

e) a hotel in Mexico city froze it solid (back in my earlier days) and served
it to me in an ice cream dish atop frozen ice.  I had asked them to keep it
cold, [ in my not-that-bad Spanish.  I worked with Mexican kids.  Oh yeah get
those cards in foreign languages before traveling!]

f) some fool stole it while I was traveling again (they took everything else
of value too - you know, like money...)

I'm sure there's more.  What caveats have you encountered?  I've yet to tape
insulin and a syringe to my chest but the day may be coming...  Despite what
companies may tell you about their rules, do what keeps you safe and if you
must worry, worry about Medicare's CGMS denial of coverage and circumventing
'dead in bed syndrome' for our friends who have died needlessly and maybe a
future YOU, when the technology is available but Medicare calls it
experimental - how many years has that been?  Ten?

Last week Edgepark  sent my Test Strips a week before United Healthcare's
90-days-between-test-supplies rule, but get this,  I have to return the strips
to Edgepark who will then ship them to me again and then re-bill my insurance
- meanwhile I am using what strips I have left. Still waiting. I asked them to
send the strips ASAP, charge me again and I'll return the ones I have now  for
credit, (when they sendme a postage paid label).  I asked if they couldn't
just re-submit the bill with a later date on them, but no... let's make this
as difficult as possible.
Rant finished.

Off my soap box.  I feel better.  Feel free to add to my list with your own
terror tales.


<blockquote dir="ltr" style="MARGIN-RIGHT:0px;">
<font face="arial">Dianne De Mink, with Type I Diabetes for nearly 50 years
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