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Re: [IP] for Cheryl McQ

Always well said.

On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 8:38 AM, robert wine <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Dear Cheryl,
> Yes, diabetes can be devastating to you physically, emotionally and
> financially. You have EVERY RIGHT to despise what it did, does and in your
> case, when it happened. I was a high school senior and my first thought was
> that girls would never like me because I was a freak who lived off a
> needle.
> However, in order to conquer something like this, give it the attitude
> that it
> could be worse and you are blessed to live in a time when med tech is
> INCREDIBLE. I was throwing myself a mega-sized pity party back in 1981. I
> hated the idea of being a weakling because my body let me down and I was
> just
> starting my adult life. However, I did something that fixed my pity party
> and
> inner whining (yes I was feeling sorry for myself), I took a walk around
> the
> hospital and the last place I visited, but I was sure this would work, was
> the
> cancer ward. I listened to those crying out in pain, saw those in oxygen
> tents
> or coughing their lungs out, those who wouldn't be alive by the time I was
> released a few days later. I came to the realization that this is a
> condition
> that I can manage, can live with (although not as easily as I could live
> without it) and that I could be all that God intended of me. Yes I have to
> go
> to the doctor more than once a year, yes I have to
>  do blood tests multiple times daily (back then it was urine tests on a
> yellow
> strip), yes I have to watch what I eat, yes I might have an insulin
> reaction
> (more properly named low blood sugar) from time to time. However, after
> seeing
> those who would never go home again, I quit feeling sorry for myself and
> developed the attitude that I'm blessed because this is survivable.
> Yeah, we have to take extra steps and incur costs that others don't, but we
> can ALL live long happy and prosperous lives if we behave ourselves
> (barring
> other things like accidental death, etc.) and be contributing members
> of society. So Cheryl (and anyone else), don't let the diabetes win, just
> let
> it become a part of your life that you deal with (much like walking, etc.)
> and
> hold you head up high. You aren't an outcast or anything else, you are a
> human
> being with a survivable condition that just takes a bit more effort. As
> far as
> your parents divorcing, yes the timing did stink. However, with a divorce
> rate
> of approximately 50%, it does happen pretty much constantly in the USA. I
> was
> a victim of divorce as a young child, twice (8 and 14). I'm sorry your
> folks
> couldn't work it out and that you might not have the support of both at
> such a
> bad time as this. However, remember dreams can still be reached, love can
> still be found and happiness and
>  fulfillment can still be yours with or without this disease. There are
> plenty
> of diabetes support groups out there more than happy to teach and support
> you
> along with your family and friends.
> Thanks for listening and I hope it helps.
> Sincerely,
> Bob Wine
> On Friday, August 22, 2014 7:50 AM, Signe Myhren
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Cheryl -
> You had every right to have had a terrible attitude towards your Type I
> diabetes, following your parents' separation!
> I once said to my endo "The trouble with Type I diabetes is that, before it
> strikes, it doesn't check to see if its intended victim will have the
> emotional,
> intellectual and financial resources necessary to manage it!" She
> thoroughly
> agreed!
> Signe
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