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Re: [IP] Re: MM sensor life

 I'm happy to get three decent days. A couple of times since starting in June
I've gotten more, but I'm more concerned about getting three days without

 As for infusion sets, I change every three days without fail. I don't want scar
tissue. Infusion sites are different from sensor sites - more active since
insulin is going in - so they are more prone to issues.

 I get red marks at the insertion sites of both but the go away. The only
infection I've had is at a sensor site. For the sensors I only wipe with alohol.
For infusion sets I use IV prep. My skin is very sensitive to tape. I use a
Tegaderm hp (hypoallergenic) under the infusion set and over the sensor and

Stacey M

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On Aug 28, 2013, at 17:52, Pam Brown <email @ redacted> wrote:

 > My problem isn't the accuracy, it's the site where I put the sensor. It's
 > accurate than ever by the end of a week, but I can't get more than between
> days out of the site. Then it gets a really hard red lump where it's inserted
> and usually falls out. I don't use any tape underneath. I spray with Cavilon
> spray which guards against allergic reactions and then I put Tegaderm on top.
> Over the last few years I've found the Minimed sensors to be really accurate
> most of the time, it's just that my body tissues can't tolerate anything
 > inserted for too long. Even with infusion sets I get the same problem after
> 3rd day. Pam
> <I don't see how Richard gets two or possibly three weeks out of MM sensor.
> Mine
> goes great through the first New Sensor restart after the first three days.
> About Day 5 it goes haywire and I can't trust the readings at all. >
> .
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