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Re: [IP] Why I feel that donating to IP is a really good idea, even if things are "tight"

Very good and I got a good laugh at the end.  thanks

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 7:29 PM, Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman <
email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Having been with the IP organization almost since it's beginning (took a
> look
> into the archives to figure out when I started a few nights ago, found
> email I
> sent within the first two years and couldn't locate the original status I
> filled
> out -probably because there was a different way of getting it "up" there
> back
> then!!
>  All of us have had great days, crummy days, wiz-bang days, dreary days,
> dull
> days, etc.
>  With economy in the wonderful state it has been in recently, it is really
> hard
> to imagine that too many of us have not had to really think about
> purchases,
> really consider if the CGM (glucose sensor) could make it another day or
> three,
> if we really REALLY needed that 2 AM blood test, etc....
>  How would any of us feel to be informed at work "worry, we're having a
> staff
> re-assignment" and discover the new assignment is written on pink paper
> that is
> clearly NOT a love note.
>  How does it feel when COBRA is too expensive, or when COBRA runs out
> (after the
> unemployment long ago ran out) and the only options are not within any
> reasonable budget?
>  how about when there are major problems at pump sites, with infusion
> sets, with
> a new type of (choose one or more of the following)
>       Tape, Catheter, Reservoir, Pump, battery, glucose meter, glucose
>        monitor,  CGM, inserter [fill in any or all devices one has not yet
> had
>        the priveledge to fight with]
>  how about when the blood sugar is in the 250++ range and nail polish
> starts
> looking like an interesting thing to taste??
>  of course, if you never had to ask a question, never had any doubts, never
> needed any advice, never needed any shoulder to cry on, then please feel
> free
> not to help out others as you obviously will never be in their situation
> and you
> certainly don't need to worry about IP going the way of the Space Shuttle
> or
> SST.
> We now resume our normal kvetching.....
> .
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