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[IP] Why I feel that donating to IP is a really good idea, even if things are "tight"

 Having been with the IP organization almost since it's beginning (took a look
into the archives to figure out when I started a few nights ago, found email I
sent within the first two years and couldn't locate the original status I filled
out -probably because there was a different way of getting it "up" there back

 All of us have had great days, crummy days, wiz-bang days, dreary days, dull
days, etc.

 With economy in the wonderful state it has been in recently, it is really hard
to imagine that too many of us have not had to really think about purchases,
really consider if the CGM (glucose sensor) could make it another day or three,
if we really REALLY needed that 2 AM blood test, etc....

 How would any of us feel to be informed at work "worry, we're having a staff
re-assignment" and discover the new assignment is written on pink paper that is
clearly NOT a love note.

 How does it feel when COBRA is too expensive, or when COBRA runs out (after the
unemployment long ago ran out) and the only options are not within any
reasonable budget?

 how about when there are major problems at pump sites, with infusion sets, with
a new type of (choose one or more of the following)
      Tape, Catheter, Reservoir, Pump, battery, glucose meter, glucose 
       monitor,  CGM, inserter [fill in any or all devices one has not yet had 
       the priveledge to fight with] 

 how about when the blood sugar is in the 250++ range and nail polish starts
looking like an interesting thing to taste??

 of course, if you never had to ask a question, never had any doubts, never
needed any advice, never needed any shoulder to cry on, then please feel free
not to help out others as you obviously will never be in their situation and you
certainly don't need to worry about IP going the way of the Space Shuttle or

We now resume our normal kvetching.....
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