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[IPn] thoughts from across the water

A member from the UK wrote me yesterday and I'd like to share her 
thoughts with you.


I have just switched on the computer to read emails while I sip my 
breakfast mug of coffee, and read this.  

It hit me strongly!  I may be retired.  I may be disabled.  I may be 
on a limited income.  I budget and recycle and "upcyle" and "make do 
and mend" or whatever the latest terminology is for being careful and 

reusing and not wasting anything whenever possible.  According to 
some folks lights I'm hardly a mover and shaker. I'd agree with them 
but I do what I can where I am and with what I have.  It's the best I 
can do.   

But I am fortunate in having a roof over my head, coffee beans to 
grind for my morning brew, test strips to check my bgs.  I have a 
pump, insulin in the fridge, sets and reservoirs to help me manage 
living with diabetes, and I have the good hearted folks on insulin- 
pumpers who share their experience and knowledge with me.    

Then I read your post.  I don't know what opens the purses and hearts 
of some people unless it is something that hits close to home either 
to themselves or someone they know and care for.   

I don't know the people you are helping, but can envisage only too 
clearly how I would feel in their situation.  Maybe in our busyness 
with our own lives if we could a few minutes out, say for as long as 
it takes to drink a cup of tea or coffee or whatever is your 
preferred brew, and imagine how we would feel if we had none of the 
above to help us manage our diabetes.  Who would we approach for 
help? How would we feel if they refused or just didn't have the 
resources to help us.    

More power to your elbow, Michael, and hopefully more donations from 
my fellow pumpers.  I'm making an extra donation - however inadequate 
- so at least today you will have a small contribution towards the 
cost of meeting the needs of so many  folks like me, doing the daily 
battle with this horrible disease of diabetes.   

You can help too with a donation large or small. A very generous 
member from Washington DC has provided a $200.00 challenge to double 
the value of your contribution and make it a little bigger!
Click ON:


or mail your contribution to:

	Insulin Pumpers
	558 Valley Way
	Milpitas, CA 95035

Yesterday we raised $120 and matched+ the California challenge.

Thanks so much!

Best regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
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