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Re: [IP] High Call Volume

 Ummmm. Marie. Some areas didn't have "days" to prepare as you put it! Some of
the areas farther inland weren't supposed to get hit as hard as they did. They
weren't given the order to evacuate. So some people literally had hrs or less to
pack up their lives and get out. There are still areas in New Jersey that are in
danger of flooding if dams break.
 This is coming from the Type 1 diabetic who worked over 20+ hrs through the
storm as a paramedic on an ambulance. Believe me. We saw areas that "weren't
supposed to flood" need to evacuated.
 So yes I'm sorry but it is "just you". Please don't judge people till your
actually in their shoes and situation.

I hope I didn't sound mean but still.... 

Victoria Waddell, MICP, NREMT-P
Type 1 DM
MM 522
Wishing I had the CGMS but can't afford to pay out of pocket. 
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They had days to prepare. Maybe it's just me but wouldn't you grab the
kids, the pets, insulin and pump supplies? 

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 I complained to someone at Medtronic about the ridiculous amount of
time I was
put on hold. I received back an e-mail indicating that, in fact, the
system was
overburdened by hurricane-related calls. The helpline is in San Antonio,
where there was no hurricane, but the callers were from everywhere that
Hurricane Irene had struck. Apparently Medtronic had even put extra
people on
the helpline, but were nonetheless overwhelmed. That makes sense, so
forgive them.

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