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Re: [IP] glucose tablets

i cant recall when i have ever had sour apple flavor, but i do  notice on 
my bottle of 50 fruit punch flavored made by RELI-ON, sold at walmart  i 
think, has a picture of fruit on the front and that image shows CHERRIES,  
oranges, pineapplesapples, bannanas, so maybe the original poster who asked  
about cherry flavor can find them at walmart or reli-on.com ??
In a message dated 8/30/2011 11:43:46 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

The sour  apple was my favorite as well.  I actually keep several 
bottles of  the 50s and several 10-containers in my purse, in my desk at 
work, and at  home, and when the sour apple was no longer made, I made 
sure to  "preserve" the ones I do have, so I still have three 50-count 
bottles and  about six 10-containers.  CVS still sells the 10-containers 
of the  sour apple, but WalMart, where I used to buy them, has not sold 
them for a  good amount of time.  I don't use anything BUT glucose 
tablets for  lows, and now I'm primarily using raspberry and grape -- I 
cannot stand  the orange tablets, for reasons that relate to a memory of 
a test I took  years ago.  Because of that, I can't eat anything 
orange-flavored any  longer; only fresh oranges and/or orange juice, 
something I really don't  buy or use unless I'm in a pinch and have 
nothing else to treat a  low.  I do love fresh oranges and I can eat 
those if they're  modest-size, but any orange *flavored* anything -- NO. 
I tend to  prefer the raspberry now, but I do wish Dex still made the 
sour  apple.


Brent wrote:

>> They used to sell  the Sour Apple flavor in bottles of 50, but they 
don't sell them that way  any more.   I liked that one the best.  >>
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