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Re: [IP] Freaking Over Bgs

Laurel, I really appreciate your rant. It helps me to know I'm not 
the only one who fights it out with keeping diabetes on the front 
burner. Two years ago I lost a guide dog suddenly and boy, I had to 
tripple my insulin dose for about two months! I'm also fighting the 
battle of where to put the infusion sets because I've been using my 
belly for 20 years. I've tried my hips over the last two months and 
I've had more 400's than I have in the whole 22 years of living with 
diabetes! I too am not quite sure what to do. I've heard some people 
get results by trying a different type of infusion set. Some people 
say it helps to take a break from the pump, but that's not happening 
in my house! <grin> And I'd like to second some of Nora's comments. 
If there's any way you can lighten your load, it would sure help. In 
the meantime, as frustrating as high BG's can be, try and be kind to 
Laurel about it while you're trying to figure it out. And know that 
right now I'm trying to figure mine out as well. I know company 
doesn't necessarily solve the problem, but it's company! <grin.>
But really, I was surprised just how dramatically stress messed up my 
BG's when it did. Funny how most of our medical pros don't talk about 
that much.
And of course, feel free to rant here or to any of us privately. 
Sometimes there's nothing like a good vent for taking the charge off 
of some of these things. So, very sorry for all the downers you're 
facing right now. I sure hope you feel like you're among friends here 
and we can all help each other. Hang in there and keep us posted, okay?


Veronica Elsea
Diabetes Melodious is here!
		Veronica Elsea, Owner
Laurel Creek Music Designs
Santa Cruz, California
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