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Re: [IP] Freaking Over Bgs

 I know that stress can cause BG fluctuations - sometimes me high and sometimes
low but usually me high- I have also battled many demons as far as mentally w
this disease- but you have to fight and keep fighting- and when you are too
tired to fight you lean on those who care about you, even here, to pull you up -
believe me I have been where you are right now- i know I have to have the mental
lows to enjoy the highs- I know a little manic but it also makes me who I am -a
passionate loving artistic person who happens to have diabetes- I hate it when
diabetes consumes me so I try to consume and control it best I can

Please feel free to email me if you need to vent one on one 

Leigh Blackistone 
email @ redacted 
404 . 644 . 4737 

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Subject: [IP] Freaking Over Bgs 

Freaking Over Bgs 

I think I must have a problem with insulin absorption. I keep getting very 
high, unexplained blood sugars. I'm talking 400s and 500s. I am not eating 
anything that would provoke such readings (sometimes I haven't eaten 
anything at all). 

I change sets regularly, but seem to have many more problems than I used to 
with kinked cannulas (I use sils). However, the last 4 or 5 sets I've 
removed looked fine. I have changed sets, insulin, etc. 

This morning was the straw that broke the camel's back. I got up with a 
480, feeling terrible, with no idea why my Bg was so high. I was unable to 
go to our local Farmers' Market, the one redeeming event of my week, because 
I felt too sick. I spent most of the day lying down, drinking water, and 
monitoring my blood sugars. Eventually, I had a relatively low (65) blood 
sugar, which convinced me that my current set and insulin are working. 

I am really ready to give up. I raised the issue of insulin absorption with 
my endo, and she did not answer. What happens to you if you have so much 
scar tissue that you can no longer (or frequently cannot) absorb your 
insulin? No one (doctor or otherwise) will tell me, yet I cannot help but 
think that there are others with the same problem I have. 

I was using CGMS for a while, and in the beginning it seemed to very much 
help me stabilize my sugars. But the sensors hurt all the time and the cost 
was prohibitive (BCBS of IL would not pay for anything), so I gave it up for 
the time being. 

I am, admittedly, under considerable stress. I'm having problems on my job 
because of outside issues that were clobbering me emotionally: divorce; 
being forced to move from my house because of financial difficulties; a new 
relationship with a guy who is disabled because he's had MS for over 20 
years; an elderly aunt for whom I am POA, whose health is declining; and 
health problems of my own (I had surgery for fibroids in March and in July 
suffered a depressive episode (I have had clinical depression since my 

The most recent thing that happened was that my soon-to-be-ex had our dog 
euthanized without giving me the chance to say goodbye. He took this action 
suddenly, and I was literally unable to get cross-town to the vets' before 
the deed was done. When I found out his girlfriend was there, my emotions 
really went ballistic (I was with the dog for 10 years; she might have known 
him for 1.5 years), knowing that she now has the memories that were 
rightfully mine. 

After 36 years of living with the D-beast (along with all the other crappy 
things that have happened to me), I am ready to quit trying. I feel like 
just ignoring the diabetes and letting it kill me quickly, rather than 
slowly as seems to be happening. 

I'm not sure what to do to help myself, and I haven't got the energy anyway. 

I think IP is about the best place I could air my feelings with hope for 
responses. I am a long-time member, and I do contribute regularly (though 
not as much as I would like to be able to contribute). 

I apologize for the rant. I am at my wit's end. 


DX 12/74, started pumping 5/98, currently on MM522 
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