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Re: [IP] Freaking Over Bgs

Hi Laurel,

Don't worry about ranting, we all need to do it sometimes.

Sorry things are so complicated right now.  It makes dealing with diabetes
all the more difficult.

I suffer from depression too and take a slew of meds for it, but it still
sometimes rears its ugly head, usually when I am least able to cope because
of other things going on.  Generally, I know that I just have to wait it
out, talk with my shrink, and things will get better.  Easy to say but no so
easy to believe when you're down in it.

My sympathies on your dog.  I have a 17 year old dog who is not long for
this world, and it saddens me that his time is near.  It's a very difficult
thing to lose a pet, and I understand your anger at not being able to say

I also sympathize about the job situation.  My job stinks and creates a lot
of stress for me, but I'm working on changing some things to make it a
little better, preferable finding a new job but that's not easy right now
and I can't start a new job without benefits for obvious reasons.

Divorce just plain stinks, but at the end of the process, things start
anew.  A new boyfriend can be great, but not if he's adding more stress to
your life.  Caretaking of someone is also very stressful, so I can only
imagine what's going on in your brain right now.

As for the high BG, maybe try a different infusion set?  Others have mad
some good suggestions too.  I had some problems with humalog and novolog but
when I switched to apidra, things levelled out, so maybe an insulin change?

If you need to hash things out, feel free to email me.

Take care.

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