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[IP] RE: Freaking over BGs

 Is it possible that your basals have changed? I was running into bgs in the
200s two hours post lunch when I was having small, low-fat lunches. I finally
figured out that I needed to change my basal from 2 units/hr to 6 units/hr (I
worked my way up there thru trial and error). I have 4 different basal rates and
they have changed over the last year as I have gone thru a number of surgeries
and life events. My insulin to carb ratios have also changed form 1:30 to 1:10.
I usually tweak my basals myself rather than call my endo or CDE - they don't
seem to mind and I've been able to do relatively well. (BTW, my basal at
midnight is 1.10 u/hr, so it drops dramatically at night; when I check at 2 or 3
am, I'm a bit over 100; you can see I have a wide variation in rates).

Padma Bending
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