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RE: [IP] Your calling 911---maybe it won't work

I had a similar problem a few years ago . The Comcast battery backup (6mo
old)  lasted about 1 hr and died.  I bought a battery backup made for a
computer (approx 70 dollars for the on I bought) and plugged the power
supply into that and when I had a major storm my power was out for 48 hrs
and I still had phone service. I now have Verizon Fios but I kept my office
line (2nd phone number) on a copper circuit so unless the line is down I
have service on this line.

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    I'm not sure how to shorten this long, long story, but I'll try.
    Last night, massive area power failure about 3 hrs.
    When we switched to Comcast (triple play?) earlier this year, I was 
assured that Comcast has an 8 hour backup if things go bad in an emergency..
    Just recently we got a cell phone, so that was my only connection with 
the outside world. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. Some 
cellphones evidently do not have a caller Ident yet, so I suppose I 
ccccccccccccould give them driving directions during a heart attack. Our 
Cellphone has sort of a GPS so 911 would know where we are at. My son 
checked today when he dropped by.
    Our (house) cordless phones of course will not work cause they plug into

the power line.
So I took the flashlight to our inside, guaranteed 8 hour battery backup, 
"land line" blue Princess phone backup, and no dial tone, nothing.
By flashlight found Comcast number.
    Ended up going into the house again with a flashlight per comcast, 
checking out if there were any LED lights showing on their "Arris" Comcast 
box which was sitting on (edge), just barely balanced, on top of our water 
heater where they "installed" it in Feb or March. Leaning on the hot flue 
pipe for our water heater.
     Anyway, no LED lights, They check from their end and report that either

there is no battery at all in the Arris box, or the battery is dead.
    After not opening the fridge for hours, the Insulin had gone up 50 
degrees to 50, so that is ok. I was worried, as who knows how long the power

would be off.
    Com ED of Illinoise also had problems with a different phone number, 
(10) years ago they sent me a letter that I was now registered as disabled, 
but that means registering only, no priority will be given to any customer, 
as to when power to an area will be restored. I have heard from Calif ED 
that they bring out emergency generators to disabled, but of course, 
Illinoise has nothing, they explained they even reinforced that policy 
stricter 2 months ago by company letter to Com Ed employees. I deliberately 
put a (e) after Illinois(e) anymore.
    Comcast said they would send me a new battery by snail mail in 7 to 10 
days. Plus there were issues that my phone number did not match the one they

had on file,who was I, what was the account number (another trip with a 
flashlight to the dark house to look thru letters for an account number).
 I explained that I have had 5 strokes, 2 heart attacks, plus insulin, plus 
Cpap breathing machine, plus without power my Oxygen machine isn't working. 
plus several other medical major problems, all of which could be another 911

calls, and could they do better than regular mail?.
They were intractable. Regular mail, battery in 7 to 10 days only, with 
instructions how to put it in, and they can do absolutely nothing more than 
Power finally came on. we were sitting outside hours in the dark to stay 
relatvely cool.

My advice:
Keep your rechargeable Oxygen tanks fully topped off.
Abandon your face mask for breathing.
Keep charged Batteries in a flashlight handy
Buy a Cellphone in case Comcast is not what they say they are. (your cost)
Don't open a fridge.
Always know that you can place a 911 call (not)
Battery, if it exists at all, will come by snail mail ONLY in 7 to 10 days.
Try to keep your wife who is in the last stages of Alzheimer's as calm as 
possible outside in the dark.
And of course, trust, trust, trust  :-)

Best to all--
Sleep tight  :-)
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