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Re: [IP] Most here w/ insurance?

Thank you, Judy......I couldn't have said it better.


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Sent: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 1:50 pm
Subject: RE: [IP] Most here w/ insurance?

The hardest part about belonging to this group is all the inequalities
mong us with access to good care such as insurance/non-insurance plans...
e are fighting to stay alive and healthy, and then there is this other
ssue of quality of care based on resources...
It breaks my heart every time someone has to ask for help with supplies...
 truly do not have any answers...but trust me, I count my blessing and
ladly pay for my supplies knowing that there are others out there that
re not so fortunate....Yes it is very difficult to manage my BG without
he pump and CGMS...everything effects it...just like many of you...
o please forgive us if we also fight for that understanding, we are
lso fighting for everyone...to have the right to get new technology.
As if we don't have enough on our plate...

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I have waited 9 years to get a CGMS.  My daughter was a grad student in
edical bioengineering (or something like that!) at the University of
innesota in the early 2000s.  She told me that the U was testing
omebody's CGMS (probably MiniMed's) and it was going fantastically
ell.  When insulin pumps first came on the market in 1980, naysayers
umped into the fray with remarks like "Well, pumps are great, but it's
ust a convenience for people who don't want to follow their diets."  It
ook several years for most companies to change their thinking around to
 different attitude: Well, we will pay less for the ounce of prevention
n treating diabetes effectively than for the pound of cure in paying
or all the medical complications...  It will, unfortunately take years
or some insurance companies to figure it out about CGM. It might take
egislation. Back in the early '80s, the endos in MN had to threaten
lue Cross of MN with laws requiring them to pay for insulin pumps
efore they yielded.  My then-doctor was involved, so I heard about it.
There was something in Dexcom's literature about using a Dexcom for a
-day period... If you can afford just a little bit, or if you're
llergic to metals and.or adhesives, you might want to look into that.
t's an eye-opening experience to see your BGs on a graph in front of you.
Since I now have something that beeps and buzzes when my BG is going
here I don't want it to, I'm way faster with a little sugar to fix a
ow (as opposed to the entire contents of my fridge) and with a couple
nits of insulin to head off a sharply rising BG (instead of ignoring it
or hours).  In love with my Dex, Denise
On 8/29/2010 12:00 AM, Laura Shapiro wrote:
 ...  I do get a bit upset when
 people go around saying you simply have to have a CGMS. Unless you plan on
 sending us money to pay for it, please watch what you say.
 My HMO still grumbles when I order supplies too often....
   I cant imagine how they feel about people asking for more technology!
 time I have had to obtain a new pump, they have denied it about three times
> before giving in. I dont know who's been able to get a CGMS from them, but
 bet it wasn't easy.
> Laura in NM.
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