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[IP] Recap on 911 call


 I also, like Cliff, prepare for emergencies.

This non-911 just really caught me by surprise. I really hate surprises that 
come  out of nowhere, and catch me totally off guard.

Living in the Midwest, since about 1970 we have had a "tornado kit".  A box 
with flashlights, extra batteries, a couple old but working transistor 
radios, candles, matches in a sealed glass jar, plus other stuff including a 
hammer in case we need to bang our way out of home wreckage. I totally agree 
with Cliff.

We have a spot where we will all meet afterwards to "take a count".

Even that my wife should lay down in the bathtub first and I will lay on top 
of her to protect her from falling timbers.

Sounds drastic. but we have watched our car lift up off the driveway. float 
front back, left and right, then finally land on the driveway almost where I 
parked it.

Our reflections in the (bowed) windows looked just like carnival mirrors. I 
know I shouldn't be near a window, but I saw it on our way to the bathtub.

 What really bugs me is when I find that I am at a total surprise due to 
some apparent malfeasance of some installer/system which I didn't have the 
slightest idea would fail me when I need it.

I'm waiting for the battery and instructions and we will see what happens. 
Anytime someone touches this computer.phone/TV system, I end up in a load of 
pain, calling their "help" line and going thru a load of pain.

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