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Re: [IP] Expired Insulin

Yes, Kathy, I've used expired insulin with no concerns if it has been 
refrigerated the entire time.  If I were to try used insulin that had 
not been refrigerated, I'd look at the contents very carefully.  If it 
is not as clear as water, I wouldn't use it.  As noted by others, that 
time out of the refrigerator will almost certainly weaken it, so I'd 
expect to use more.

As Candace noted, 10 boxes is a significant investment.  I likely would 
try them if they were mine, but then again, I might just toss them.  
Please note that neither Candace nor I are giving you a recommendation.  
We're only saying what we'd personally do.  It's a risk either way.

Candace Hackney wrote:
> Personally,
 > I have used expired insulin and 10 boxes is a lot to toss. Personally, I
> try it and see, it will not hurt you.  It depends on how hot the conditions
> were also and it msy not work as well as it should.
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> I was cleaning out a closet when I had discovered 10 boxes of insulin
 > shoved way back in the closet sealed in the cellophane wrapper it came in.
The insulin is Humalog.
> Kathy

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