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RE: [IP] Ophthalmologist vs retinologist??????????

Yes exactly, Mark explains it very well.

 I too have seen an Ophthalmologist (several different one's) every year and had
my eye's dilated, both for my occupation and for my diabetes.

 Even when I was suspicious that something was wrong my ophthalmologist thought
everything was fine, but said I should see a Retinologist to get a baseline
retina photo's done.

 Well my Photo's lit up like crazy....and I was in need of immediate laser
treatment...However even that treatment did not prevent the vitreous hemorrhage
a couple of months later....


 So this is why I keep bring up the subject so that others know to go! If they
can! I know some of us do not have insurance :(
 Get those contrast photo's done. The earlier you catch the abnormal blood
vessel growth the better!

 The statistic's are Some degree of diabetic retinopathy usually becomes evident
after 10 years
100% in people who have diabetes mellitus for more than 30 years...


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The contrast photos uses a dye that is inserted through the arm, then an eye
microscope shoots a very bright light through the eye that takes pictures of
the entire eye, front,retina and the vitreous ( the center part ). There is
no pain just a really bright light. Your urine will have an orange to bright
yellow tint for a day or so. The photos show the Dr. detailed images of your
eye...he can see diabetic damage, leaking blood vessels, prolific growth or
cataracts.   Mark
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Subject: [IP] Ophthalmologist vs retinologist??????????

>I see an ophthalmologist yearly.  Is he different from a retinologist?????
> What is involved with contrast dye photos?
> Thanks
>  Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 14:27:26 -0700
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> Bonnie
> Have you seen an retinologist about your eye hemmorage? You may want to
> get
> some contrast dye photo's done to examine the extent of your retinopathy.
> There are things they can do to prevent further damage. I have always
> gotten
> regular dilated eye examines but should have seen a Retinologist sooner!.
> Getting your BG in control is also a biggy, but then that is like stating
> the obvious!
> Welcome,
> Judy
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