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RE: [IP] Throwing out test meters? (longish)

The original post was by user whose that meters were NOT reading correctly

Just perhaps the CDEs were suggesting that technology changes often enough
that it makes sense to replace the meters on a schedule to avoid using
meters that are significantly in error BEFORE they go bad.

You are welcome to consider accuracy nonsense....

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At 05:58 PM 8/31/2009, Doug wrote:
>Call your Meter company and ask.
>Add that to the fact that the Endos get FREE meters to give away and you
>see why they might say "Just get a new one "

But, why should I get a new meter when the old one works just 
fine?  Why should I throw a perfectly good meter in the land fill, 
when our society is filling up with garbage as fast as they 
can?  That's right, I forgot, we are a THROW AWAY society.  It's 
stupid, absolutely stupid and is nonsense.  Besides, maybe I should 
request a new pump after a year, since it's run on electronics 
too.  Does anyone else see what nonsense this is?

>But as has been said if you have a meter that connects to your pump it may
>be more complicated

I also have a Ping.  I don't think they'll send me a new meter just 
because I want one.  What nonsense.

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